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Every Sunday, from 8am to 1pm, Rosario offers a unique initiative for those who enjoy the open air and a healthy lifestyle; it is called “Cambiá de aire”. It is a 13 kilometers route closed to car traffic, where people can stroll, do exercise, ride their bikes, go rollerblading, skating or just enjoy the open air and the parks of our city through a route that units three parks: Parque Independecia, Sunchales and Scalabrini Ortiz along Bv. Oroño and Av. De la Costa.

Astronomic Center located at Av. Diario La Capital 1602 – Parque Urquiza – Tel. 480 2554 / 33

The planetarium building has a comet shape. It is surrounded by tree species some brought from different parts of the world and some typical local. One of the halls called Sala Planetario has the planetarium equipment installed in the middle of it, which shows an artificial image of the sky on the semi-spherical doom. It shows all the celestial objects visible to the naked eye: between 6,000 and 8,000 stars to 6th magnitude (belonging to the Milky Way). It can show 5 planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and 3 extragalactic objects: the two Clouds of Magallanes and Andromeda galaxy, the closest spiral one.
Days: Saturday, Sundays and national holidays.

Observatorio Astronómico
The building of this astronomic observatory is located at the South end of the Parque Urquiza. On the first floor it is the Copérnico hall where courses, congresses, exhibitions, and installations are held. The main doom is 4.20 meters in diameter. It has two telescopes. Observations and astronomic photography of all the celestial objects visible in the sky of Rosario are made here. Depending on the time of the year, and especially on the Sun, the Moon and planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus are visible too.

Astronomic observations: the Moon, Jupiter, and stellar cumulus.
Wednesday-Sunday and national holidays 8.30pm to 10pm (under clear sky)
Free entrance.

Museo experimental de Ciencias
Specialty: natural and physic sciences, and related. Fields it encompasses: math, Physics, Science and Technology, Astronomy and Aeronautics, Geology, Chemistry and Biology. Practical experiences of optics, laser, static energy, electromagnetic radiation propagation, and telescope observations.

Days: Saturday, Sunday and national holidays 5.30pm to 8.30pm.