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It houses several city museums such as Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes “Juan B. Castagnino”, Museo Histórico Provincial “Dr. Julio Marc” and Museo de la Ciudad. Likewise, it hosts different sport institutions such as Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys, Club Gimnasia y Esgrima, Club Atlético Provincial and the city racetrack Hipódromo. Right in the middle of this natural paradise there is found the garden called Jardín Francés which captivates the eye of those who pass by with its gorgeous Rose garden, boasting thousand of multi-colored roses. The park also has a space for young children to have fun in its amazing rides. Found in the middle of the lake, the Fuente Ornamental de “Aguas Danzantes” fountain gives a moving show which captivates your senses and where lights and sounds are merged.

This park offers an amazing view to the river from different angles. Here it is found the building of the old railroad Ferrocarril Oeste Santafesino, proving that Rosario was heading towards being an important cereal market. All these moments are remembered on the “El Sembrador”, a mural at the end of the tunnel that goes from the old railroad up to Av. Belgrano. There is also a fountain that represents another centenarian witness. Made up of cast iron, this fountain is one the oldest in Rosario and it was shipped from England. The Complejo Astronómico Rosario with a comet-shaped structure is part of the view of the park; it is made up of the Planetarium, the Observatory and the Museo experimental de ciencias. Also, the Anfiteatro Municipal Humberto de Nito is an important part of the view; the amphitheatre offers an artistic schedule which is the key of the cultural activities in the summer.

Built over the hill of the river, this park is one of the favorite places chosen by Rosarinos to enjoy the view of the river and the islands located in front of the bank of the city. In the park, it is found the Complejo Cultural Parque España–a cultural institution aimed at spreading the most contemporary forms of art and the Latin American culture. It is a huge architectonic undertaking and a cultural initiative of historical importance for Rosario and the region.

In the heart of the Paseo Ribereño – along the river-, this park offers an unbeatable view on the banks of the river. Located in the North of the city and in the area within Arroyito neighborhood -cradle of many great figure figures of our music- it has an important swimming-pool complex where the Rosarinos enjoy the summer. Besides games for children, here you can enjoy an aquarium and a craft fair exposing the creativity of our craftsmen. At one side of it, it is found the first of a series of clubs along the river, Club Regatas Rosario; these clubs are spread along this area and the Estadio Mundialista del Club Rosario Central -a world stadium.

This park goes all along the bank in the semi-center of the city with a stunning view of the Paraná river and its islands. It can also be seen from here the silhouette of the neighboring city of Victoria and the North part of Rosario. This emblematic park was built on the area of the former Puerto Rosario port.